I'm Kelsey Trotta, and I offer ten years of translation and interpretation experience, ten years of marketing experience, six years of transcreation experience, and five years of localization experience. I graduated from University of Michigan with a B.A. in Spanish, spent an extended period of time working in Brazil, and received training at Alliance Française. I specialize in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and French translation. My prior work includes translating interviews for The New York Times, subtitles for National Geographic docu-series, training videos for multinational corporations, USAID interviews, United Nations documents, legal, medical, and technical documents, and vital records. My interpretation experience includes providing services to law firms, green card interviewees, asylum seekers, patients seeking medical care, tourists attending the FIFA World Cup, and international conference attendees. Finally, I have provided localization services for the freelance platform Workana, international hotel chains, digital entertainment firms, travel blogs, telecommunications firms, law firms, non-profit organizations, vacation membership clubs, cosmetic companies, hair care lines, and HR firms.


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