Localization 101: What is it, and How Can I Use it to Grow My Business?

When I was in college, I put myself through school by selling handmade stationery to football fans. I started out selling at my alma mater (Go Blue!), but as my business grew, I began selling my stationery at other schools. While I was selling, I noticed that although I was selling the same product (stationery), the school colors I sold the stationery in and the way I presented myself and my product varied at each location. For example, football fans of some universities loved seeing someone decked out from head to toe in school spirit gear sell stationery while other fans preferred seeing someone wearing one or two pieces of school spirit while selling. I took these observations and adjusted the way I dressed and sold my stationery accordingly.

This process of adjusting the way a product is sold based on a market is called localization. Many times, localization is the process of taking translated content and tailoring the message in order to appeal to a specific market and demographic. For example, if someone wanted to sell homemade chocolate chip cookies in Rio de Janeiro, they would conduct market research on the Carioca (people from Rio de Janeiro) market, determine their target audience, and then translate their marketing materials into Carioca dialect of Portuguese. Then, a localization specialist would adjust the original message according to what the target Carioca consumer valued in order to convince them to buy their chocolate chip cookies. The way this message would be tailored and conveyed would be very different from a message created to sell chocolate chip cookies to Texas consumers. That's where localization comes in.

Localization helps you expand your business by making your target market feel heard and valued. When you use localization, you give your already great product a competitive edge in a local market which make consumers more likely to purchase your product. If you're looking to expand your business into a new market, having an experienced localization specialist on your team will help take your business to the next level. If you're ready to bring your product into the North American market, contact Trotta Translations. No matter your target market, Trotta Translations will work with you so your product stands out from the crowd and you attract the customers of your dreams.

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