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Services Offered
A summary of prior work and services offered

Immigration and Legal Translation

  • Vital records: birth, adoption, marriage, death, and divorce certificates

  • Identification: passports, driver's licenses, letters proving political party membership, and school IDs

  • Academic records: transcripts, report cards, diplomas, university acceptance letters, teacher and professor recommendation letters, academic and medical journal articles

  • CVs and resumes

  • Apostilles

  • Criminal background certificates, police reports, and plea deals

  • Financial records: tax returns, bank and credit union statements, certificates of deposit, credit card statements

  • Affidavits, letters of support for immigration and asylum cases

  • Legal documents: contracts, government and company policies, power of attorney agreements, terms and conditions, child support, custody, criminal conviction, adoption, and divorce judgments, and deeds 


Interpretation Services

  • USCIS Green Card interviews

  • Weddings

  • Meetings with immigration, asylum, family, and criminal defense attorneys

  • Market research interviews

  • Conversations with conference attendees

  • Interviews with journalists

  • Instructions on installing hardware

  • Providing policy training for athletes

  • Doctor and psychologist appointments


Marketing Translation and Localization 

  • Websites

  • Social media posts

  • Blog posts 

  • Marketing materials

  • Sales packages

  • Presentations

  • Subtitles for videos and interviews

  • Apps

  • Ad copy

  • Press releases

  • Promo materials

  • Magazine and newspaper articles


Medical, Technical, and Academic Translation

  • Medical Translation: medical charts, surgery records, doctor's notes, laboratory test results, hospital admission records, HIPAA release forms, treatment consent forms, pharmaceutical and healthcare regulatory documents 

  • Technical Translation: medical device instruction manuals, metallurgical tool descriptions, troubleshooting guides, macro process flow charts, quality manuals, forensic expert reports, software manuals, and civil engineering expert reports

  • Academic Translation: master's and PhD theses, academic journal articles in the fields of biology, philosophy, sociology, economics, agriculture, and political science 

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